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[24 Apr 2007|11:26pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

does anyone know how nuch longer tim will play roger on broadway?

im seeing rent again on may 12th, and i have my finers and toes crossed that he'll still be there...

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Tim Howar and Van Tramp icons [10 Aug 2006|11:37am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi!!!!!!  I made  these icons of Tim the other day and just wanted to share them with you.  I'll be making more soon!!  If you want to use any just make sure to credit.  Enjoy!!
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[26 Jun 2006|08:55pm]

Hello everybody! WOW there have been three posts. I'm so excited that some people have found this community. I know that I promised I would get things like graphics up by this summer, but unfortunately my computer has had some unfortunate incidents due to lightning... so I'm looking for help! Anything... banners, layouts... just let me know! I'm gone for a week on vacation, but I'll be back! PLEASE get the word out about the community, and post post post! I will try my best to get some pictures up / my own personal experience after my computer gets fixed (hopefully it will). Thanks so much!
~Your Mod
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[04 Jun 2006|08:01pm]

[ mood | Gah RENT in a month... ]


My name is Lauren and was just wondering if anyone could tell me about Tim's performance. I'll be seeing RENT for the third time in July (a month from tomorrow...*squeals happily*) and I'm hoping I'm in for a treat, seeing as Roger is my favorite character...

My first Roger was Jay Wilkinson (who was AMAZING and gave me a hug and let me take a picture with him), my second was Will Chase (who was also amazing, although he screamed a bit too much lol...but his One Song Glory was...gah...left me speechless), and my third will be Tim...

So...how is he?

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[03 Jun 2006|08:01pm]


yeah tim has a myspace. i don't think it's run by him but it says that he has access to it and he goes to it. i mean the man is so nice to his fans so i'm sure anyway to connect with his fans he is there.

so check it out. add him and what not.

just thought i would let you guys know. and share the love :)

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[28 May 2006|07:56pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Hi, I'm Beth! I just thought I'd brag share my Tim Howar with other Tim Howar fans. As of now, that's not too many, but hopefully this community will get up and running soon.

Anyway, for my sixteenth birthday I brought 7 of my friends to see Rent because I'm a huge Rent-head. (On Saturday) My friend's dad knows Tim Howar and was able to get us backstage passes. Not only did I get to meet Tim Howar, and get a few autographs, and pictures but he actually gave us the tour.(of the Rent stage, and backstage and all) He was sooo nice and funny dealing with a bunch of teenage girls, and he even stayed after they were kicking us off of the stage to finish up signing stuff and giving autographs. He was so amazingly cool!

But the highlight... when he found out we were there for my sixteenth birthday, he joked about how he remembered his sixteenth birthday and all the stuff he did without his parents knowing, etc...and then...!!!!

He gave me a hug, said happy birthday, and KISSED MY CHEEK!!!!
TIM HOWAR KISSED MY CHEEK. I'm still in shock. I can't believe that actually happened..

I'm done sounding like a squeeful, immature, star-struck fangirl. Even, if that's exactly what I am.

<3 Beth

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First post [30 Apr 2006|09:31pm]

Hey everybody! Welcome to the unofficial first post of the Tim Howar Livejournal Community! Wow I was going to wait a couple weeks to get things running but we already have one / two people joined! Exciting how so many people love our beloved Tim Howar. I will try to get everything set up as soon as possible, and if anybody would like to help out with anything, or just get the word out, that would be great. I'll start posting up pictures and interviews I've been collecting, and hopefully find some video or audio out there. If anybody would like to post their own experiences, go right ahead. It may take a couple weeks to get everything really running, but thanks for being patient! If anybody has any suggestions feel free to let me know. Thanks!
~Your Mod
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